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Matagorda Bay Fishing Guide

Matagorda Bay Fishing Guide

Cast Away: 4-Hour Fishing Expedition for Thrilling Catches and Unforgettable Memories

Fishing Area: Matagorda

Fishing - Inshore


Fishing Boat:

22” Majek Illusion II 22' MajekMax 6 guests (base trip price includes 2 guests)

Target Fish:

Redfish, Sea Trout, Southern Flounder


Set on a captivating 4-hour fishing expedition that promises adventure and relaxation in equal measure. Whether you're an avid angler or a novice seeking a taste of the fishing world, this trip is tailored to provide an unforgettable experience. Set against the stunning backdrop of nature, you'll have the chance to reel in a variety of fish species while basking in the tranquility of the open waters. Our seasoned guides will lead the way, sharing their expertise and ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey for all. Join us for a half-day getaway today!

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Good to Know’s

  • Quality fishing equipment will be provided.
  • Bring your food and drinks to keep you energized.
  • Don't forget your sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

Common Questions

How is the fishing in Matagorda?

The fishing in Matagorda is exceptional, and with FISH ON Texas Guide Service, it becomes an unforgettable experience. Guide Michael, with his extensive knowledge of the area and expert skills, ensures a successful and thrilling fishing adventure. 

What fish can you catch in Matagorda?

In Matagorda, the variety of fish you can catch is astounding! With FISH ON Texas Guide Service and the expertise of Guide Michael, you have the opportunity to reel in a diverse range of species. From the exciting pursuit of redfish during inshore fishing trips to other prized catches, your angling adventure in Matagorda is tailored to your preferences, ensuring a thrilling and successful fishing experience with Guide Michael at the helm.

Where can I go fishing in Matagorda?

For an exceptional fishing experience in Matagorda, look no further than FISH ON Texas Guide Service. With Guide Michael at the helm, you can explore the best fishing spots in Matagorda Bay. From inshore fishing to targeting redfish, Guide Michael's local expertise ensures you'll navigate the prime waters, maximizing your chances of a successful and enjoyable fishing excursion.